Triskadekophilia adds an umlaut
to your Yahweh, got to kiss
an army of spiders until
you get a toad, a cat & man-
splainy old elf; eat the cookies
of the underworld & stay
for a time--Persephone only stayed
at school during the fucking
winter holidays. Baël makes a bed
for you to lie in.  Prince of lays
just could not conjugate correctly
to save not his but the lives
of a whole ark of kittens.  Next time
take a plane, old man with a fear
of the sky; the heretic flies
the unassuming skies, a whole
swarm of same blots out
fertile crops curated for next year's
food blogs. Sixty-six train
stations & for each a conductor
who believes he's invisible. Watch
him cower behind the counter
crying himself hoarse. The abyss
has no bottom, but he's got numerous
pamphlets charting alternate routes.

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