Planetary Souls

The head & tail of the dragon
exit the moon.

Agiel tells nine truths
& Jophiel the one lie.

The air defers to the
river of light.

The atmosphere
ignites with Luna's love.

The clouds assume the shape
of the heavenly intestine.

Cassiel averts eye
from the worm's exultations.

Zuriel invigors
the good right arm.

What was once barren
is now found fruitful.

Tiriel, make us grateful,
help us

remember, make the speech
of my dreams

most plain.  Drive away
our enemies

while we rotate & show me
no other evil things.

Spirit, Breath, Body

When it rains, 
it pours a sickly sweet 

upon us, our 

so close to contact but not bothering
to quite connect.  My back 
aches from all this
bending, an attempt to stoop that never works
when we both give up 
& give in. 

Where once 
we coupled, now we shake chastely.  We have come
this far & yet not come at all, & the monk
hangs upside

down to better puke his disapproval.  The beasts
have expired & now hang
like parentheses around our sentence.

The weather is actually a subject
of considerable complexity, but the sun
has plugged his ears
with the upended diadem
of the moon.  Together at last.

The rays of heaven
exfoliate the air, a tiny black frog
administrates our despair.


Six days after,
seven stars grew
huge & brutal
in the sky; the raven
appeared, gargling
something in
English I do not
understand. The limbless
cherubim began
to swarm & attack
my face.
The heavens belched
forked lighting
& I hid in the crook
of a hill blasted
by their wrath.
Forgive me I have
asked too many questions,
planned for futures
that will never be.
I must walk more
softly.  I must shred
my many lists.  I must
learn to be affirming
to gods even
as they savor my frost
bite & windburn.  I must pray
to them to end my torments,
close up this fissure &
finish the crush they've begun.


Let the man in bunny ears feel wind upon his rear.
Curtsy & smirk & accepts this lesser torture as your fate.
Let nobody among us succumb to deepest fear.

Hear cherubs give a hearty cheer
as strangers prance along the shore in search of a willing mate.
Let the man in bunny ears feel wind upon his rear.

See the deposed king shed his crocodile tear
& float in salt baths until the day grows late.
Let nobody among us succumb to deepest fear. 

The gusts of April shall blow in your ear;
so doff your caps blue & yellow from your pinkish pate.
Let the man in bunny ears feel wind upon his rear.

The green waters of spring renew the year
& seedlings sally forth while the hungry rabbit waits.
Let nobody among us succumb to deepest fear.

Take a breather, brother, we're all friends here.
Take off your tunic, have a seat or pull up a crate. 
Let the man in bunny ears feel wind upon his rear.
Let nobody among us succumb to deepest fear.

Bella Luna

My lady in the moon
peel back the lips
of your breast & prick
me with the dagger
of your heart, all wrapped
in garden snake
like a slithering fist.
Lit up with tongues
of writhing, put each
proud foot on the waning
bubble of my face.
Furl your wings & carry
me like a hawk-snatched
rabbit to your lair.  Where
I once waxed, I am
exactly the size of the
devil's bite.  He gave me
gin, said he was
my only friend, & then
everything went the
pink opaque.  I wake
stained with grapefruit
juice & the taint of another
brunchless Sunday.  Say
that I can stay.  Help me
up, dear nemesis,
& point me toward
the penicillin, the quart
of Clorox you've been
chilling in the fridge.

Eyes Wide Shut

Here we are, at the center
of it all, & somebody
brought the trident
despite what the invitation
said.  She's riding atop
the shoulders of this guy
in a bathrobe, her eyes
not quite averted
from the exhibitionist 
crawling on all fours. 
It's that kind of party 
& here I am, waving my
styrofoam sword 
at strangers, pulling 
my visor lower so I can
peep the purple fez 
of the man opposite. 
There's always a guy 
with a scythe who 
won't leave the princess
& her sun alone. When the song ends
& the angel gives 
another crank, he'll
have found his way 
to the nudist & will 
tell her she has a lovely moon
while everyone else 
makes for the guy 
with the caduceus
because they heard 
he brought his leeches along.



Imagine the phoenix
as it newly arisen comes
to find it is tethered
to a toad.  The toad
is you; Melchior will read
from the Book of Terrible
Secrets as she flies
straight into the sun.
Enjoy the ride;
from up here you can see
all the cities
as they burn.


Little three-headed worm,
Mother's gonna buy you
an ibis bird

& if that ibis bird don't speak
your other mother's gonna
bring you the King of Thieves

& if the King don't sing
Other Mother's gonna
bring you the proud peacock

& if you pluck all seven
colored feathers, Echidna's
gonna show you the rook all black,

you're flying to the moon
& never coming back.


Fair maiden, the clock
has its ways, as do
the two suitors

your from across
the waters.  Now here
they are, about to block
your path,

one pointing to his fiery
beard, the other offering
to share his latest

Even the wind sees through
this bullshit.  You'll note
how neither wears


That's my last dryad hung upon the wall,
looking as if even in death she's too
shy.  How I tried, building her this cabin
inside the drywall, stuffing it with moss
from her native forest.  Above her, the
heads of two majestic automatons
crafted by the master Daedalus him-
self.  On the higher shelf, the sentient snake
once used as a whip by the ancient Am-
azons, now stretched at my leisure after
too many truths revealed under his lash.

Planetary Souls

The head & tail of the dragon exit the moon. Agiel tells nine truths & Jophiel the one lie. The air defers to the river of...