Bella Luna

My lady in the moon
peel back the lips
of your breast & prick
me with the dagger
of your heart, all wrapped
in garden snake
like a slithering fist.
Lit up with tongues
of writhing, put each
proud foot on the waning
bubble of my face.
Furl your wings & carry
me like a hawk-snatched
rabbit to your lair.  Where
I once waxed, I am
exactly the size of the
devil's bite.  He gave me
gin, said he was
my only friend, & then
everything went the
pink opaque.  I wake
stained with grapefruit
juice & the taint of another
brunchless Sunday.  Say
that I can stay.  Help me
up, dear nemesis,
& point me toward
the penicillin, the quart
of Clorox you've been
chilling in the fridge.

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