Philosophical Infant

Nourishment is like to like,
children of goats & wolves
& the world can feed the mewling
babe, subsisting together in one
form, temperate in motion
& in drink; one comes from the east
& the other the west, the heat
from the bowls of the mother.
The juice of Earth shall predispose
the suckling to war or worse;
astride the continents; two cities
will fight.  Two souls made one
on the outskirts of town.  Synthesis
of sun & moon produces
the hermaphroditic angels
& the feral philosophical infant.
To one curmudgeon, a set
of sons, & to the other, a daughter
soon to be met.  See how we cling
to continents closest to the middle.
We'll never see the dawn because
the dusk will kill us yet.

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