Eyes Wide Shut

Here we are, at the center
of it all, & somebody
brought the trident
despite what the invitation
said.  She's riding atop
the shoulders of this guy
in a bathrobe, her eyes
not quite averted
from the exhibitionist 
crawling on all fours. 
It's that kind of party 
& here I am, waving my
styrofoam sword 
at strangers, pulling 
my visor lower so I can
peep the purple fez 
of the man opposite. 
There's always a guy 
with a scythe who 
won't leave the princess
& her sun alone. When the song ends
& the angel gives 
another crank, he'll
have found his way 
to the nudist & will 
tell her she has a lovely moon
while everyone else 
makes for the guy 
with the caduceus
because they heard 
he brought his leeches along.

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