from (C)OVID'S METAMORPHOSIS, Book the Fifth

Minerva on Helicon

But the tale is true: Fruit
Gushers might survive any 
apocalypse as long as temperatures
remain mild. My child,

Parnassus Investments offers
only moderate returns,
but investing w/ a clear conscience

comes at a price.  You can hear
the hooves of two out of four horsemen
on the roof even now.  

Drag our homemade UV lighting
rig into the bunker so that we might 
cleanse our innards 

for Jazzercise on Webex while the neon
gods prance among the stylized 
palm trees & manifest on the glass

of nail salons.  Tie the offering 
with fat laces & come 
with hair frosted & teased 
to the four corners of the Earth.  

The contest between the Pierides and the Muses

& he turned himself into a ram, an ostrich,
an ocelot w/ a hankering for the flesh
of well-fed Midwesterners 
whose trigger fingers were calloused 
from Machinima orgies on Call of Duty.
Solemnly, he put all of the stuffies 
in the shopping cart & cried out nine times
to the muses; Io, sentai team; Io, cop
drama; Io, teenage sex romp; Io, 
spaghetti western; Io, shaggy dog addiction
narrative; Io, Saturday morning cartoons;
Io, Dance Party USA; Io, blaxploitation;
Io, Nic Cage vehicle; accept this burnt offering
of Flowers for Alegernon & make my 
sickly fingers fleet.

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from (C)OVID'S METAMORPHOSIS, Book the Fifth

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