from (C)OVID'S METAMORPHOSIS, Book the Second

The Transformation of Cycnus into a Swan

Hung like a swan 
with a black hole for a heart.  X marks
the place where space & time
become compressed like a week 
spent counting cans of beans
in a walk in kitchen while pissing rain
bleeds a mofo dry
as the blunted son shuns the light
of the flickering screen.  If you’re late to today’s
Zoom, at least  don’t leave feathers
all over the divan because we’ve got company
coming some time in 2022.

The Story of Calisto

A muscle in pleather 
a jewel among the Morlocks,
post-coal, a bear of a
model major generalist
with a stiletto, just a stiletto,
still the night moves 
out past the corn fields 
that have been mashed
into moonshine.  

The Story of Coronis, and Birth of Aesculapius

Corvid nineteen, there seems to be a theme
going on here. We’ll make you a star, literally
 after we sneeze all over
your sensible shoes, insensate with thirst 
like a sanguine human pitcher 
busting through the papier-mache
brickwork to exhume a good doctor
from a mother’s womb;
snakes uncoil from the rod
when they see a trillion ctowns
massing in a shopping mall 
like a nonstop onslaught of tweens
feathering their plumage.

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