from (C)OVID'S METAMORPHOSIS, Book the Fourth

The Transformation of Ino and Melicerta to Sea-Gods

No being but
being grief briefly.  
No lawyers

or courtiers
except those eaten
by grizzlies. 

No dart
to the heart

sweet ambrosia, 

from dried beans.
The funky letters
go missing

with the Paw Patrol
who come to the rescue
but are repelled 

by a mob of libertarians 
with gangrene & Gadsden Flag
thong underwear.

The Transformation of the Theban Matrons

Disorder thwarted:
lumbar support ordered 
despite delays in shipping.

Stiffness reallocated.  No point
in petrification.  If I tried
to mortify, I’d  mollify 

by accident.  Pardu 
& Elfstar sitting in a tree
talking about euthanasia,

Eventually you must eat
the head of the lamb
before the watchful,

jaundiced eyes 
of the cereal tiger.

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